This body of work entitled ‘Para Llevar’, meaning to take away or to go, explores ideas of space and the ability to adapt to its provisions for our own purposes. In the same way that the organic world constructs an ecosystem founded upon a balance of needs, urban environments are continually sculpted in public and private ways to support both living and working.

This is especially true of Oaxaca where the ritual unpacking and emergence of tented structures to shelter stalls across the city carves out a space of ownership that is temporary and fluid. I have found the city to be a space that shifts and tilts, filled with people who know how to bend and mold to its contours. The pavement and street corners unfurl at their edges, each outstretched structure tethered to another - the individual need supported by the collective pursuit. This tendency towards movement is a driving force behind the city yet paradoxically it is one that sustains a life of permanence.

The drawings and sculptural pieces this has inspired pull together textures, shapes and lines meandering between constructed and deconstructed forms. These elements are in a state of balance and in between, showing the stresses of where things have been and have the potential to go. 

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